kindmemory (kindmemory) wrote,

Capitol Hill

Just how can he do this, they must have been planning it, wth.

Liz Cheney is a republican, she called it, the Prez just is not going in the way of peace. The country has a right to a peaceful transition.

The District of Columbia is finally arresting people.

She is a clear voice speaking here. I don't think a bunch of people are following her necessarily. But she's a republican making sense. You don't tell murderous protesters, you love them and support them. He's crazy.

Edit: Police in large numbers have entered the Capitol, and are being met with resistance. I was wondering how many have guns, if two people have been shot already.
The mayor of washington had asked for federal troops to backup, but the Pentagon refused to do that. She asked for surrounding communities to send extra police officers, and they are there now, helping control the protesters. Trying to arrest them I think.

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