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Okay, I have no idea how to read the comments on posts here anymore! Everything seems to be working well, posting is a lot easier, reading peoples posts works much better than on the iPad. But I'm not seeing the comments themselves, just the number of them that are there. Okaaaaay.

I found myself looking for phone wallpapers today, of all things. I found a few, dig up one of my journal covers from this account, then someone in my subscriptions posted a photo of all the coins they found while magnet fishing in England. That made a good one. I finally put up a modified photo of bubble wrap. Lol.

It is probably the hottest part of the year here, very humid too, as usual for this area. We are five miles from the Ohio River, rather large one. It separates the whole Eastern half of the US, we are just barely in the northern half.

I think that is one of the reasons it gets so humid, too. I have not been downtown in at least a year, I think. But the river is accessible from downtown, and they have put in a new riverfront area, with picnic and playground and park areas.

I am a bit reluctant to go, though I do need my ID renewed, and I can get it done there. I do need groceries before I do anything though. I think I have an egg, beans and oatmeal.

Breakfast of champions!!!

I think I will come back and edit in a magnet fishing video.

Edit August 30, now I get the replies I think.
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