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I am missing the library computers, the library ...and the $1 earbuds you could buy. I only ever got 4 or 5 over the years, through loss or using them for something else at home. But they fit in the ears reasonably well, lasted almost forever, and we're darned convenient.

Being able to sit at a PC and use a mouse and a keyboard, instead of the dang little virtual keyboard on the phone, that was nice. I don't know why I don't get it together and get keyboard and mouse, and sit up at my desk I don't know, or that would be telling. Sigh.

I am eating oddly sometimes, I sure don't go to restaurants any more, you can't sit there and it's so nice not to be in the habit of eating junk food that I am willing to mostly drop the habit. I did go get a pizza on my birthday, but ate it too fast, glad I don't get pizza too often. But they're easy to make and I could just get flour tortillas and use them instead of a thick crust, or just make my own thin ones, and put healthy stuff on them. I made bread starter starting maybe 6 weeks ago. It's okay, but I feel like I can only make sourdough with it, it is just not going to make a fluffy bread. But it's easy and sourdough is still pretty good bread.

Not sure why, but as I was typing that, I thought of how people tend to have grammar questions sometimes, such as when to use "who" or "whom", or things like that. I just watched a YouTube video that a lot of young people seemed to be watching, and the announcer actually used the phrase "had began" instead of "had begun", which is always correct. "Had ran" is another one that young adult YouTubers seem to use. It seems so stupid, though everyone understands what the person means, had run. Years ago I would have thought only people who had hardly any education would say that.

What occurred to me is that I have thought many times over the years that it would be good if we had been allowed to keep our school books, that people who had grammar questions or Science or math, could easily look things up. A lot of times people will correct each other in comments, and sometimes there is even some controversy or argument, but having the basic book would solve some of that.

But it sure would take up a lot of room. Another thought on the matter is that if there were a common database, instead of just many private sites, it might be simpler. But it would probably be government sponsored. It would be nice to have something like Wordipedia.

There was a small discussion at one YouTube video on the correct spelling of "jewelry" versus "jewellery". The first spelling is USA and Canada, the second is original English/UK.

Lol, I'm getting tired.
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