kindmemory (kindmemory) wrote,

It is very HOT

I looked up the average temperature for this time of year for this area,since it seems very hot very early. Today was at least 92 Fahrenheit, but seemed hotter. Usually it is between 75-85.

So it is far above average, too hot. It almost seems like the fan is just pushing the hot air around.

I finally started to clean it today,got a good start. It has been an embarrassingly long time since it was done.

There are fireworks still going on, as usual for this time of year, people keep it updating in my area.

I watched a video on stoves, the kind you take with you camping. There is a channel called CheapRVliving, for older people who are tired of all their money going to rent, so they decide to live in their car. I saw a stove like one my parents had, they took us camping in Michigan and Canada. Also he had a couple examples of Rocket Stoves, which just use small bits of twigs as fuel no bigger around than your thumb. Just bits of stuff you find lying around. You can build one easily with just bricks or stone, though some people are more elaborate and make them with concrete.

One of the stoves tested was a nice looking green metal one. I think the guy was overwhelmed with too many stoves to test, but he admitted that and it was all fun anyway.

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