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Livejournal seems to be working well on my iPad, so I might as well post. We have internet at home now, so maybe that is it. The library closed around the end of March, and for a while I was going to the little park area behind the library to get internet, then at home I asked what that thing is that looked like a computer tower was, it showed up in a corner in the living room which we do not use much. Internet, wifi. Hallelujah. I wasn't paying for it, but sis gave me the password because she didn't want me going out in the cold unknown, and get sick. Hallelujah.

And I am still alive!

And I can read my friends page, which barely came in at all when I was online at the library park and Wendy's parking lot (fast food, burgers).

I don't think I am doing much different but staying in a lot, need to go to the grocery store. There was a fair amount of things like flour and rice finally, that they had not had there in a while--that was last week or so.

I am even out of butter and oil, but have rice and some flour, cereal, just ran out of milk.

I misplaced my wallet, almost has to be somewhere in my room, but it is very frustrating! I need to do laundry and vacuum, even shower--after I eat!

Hi to everyone!!!

Edited to add, we have brand new neighbors who are really on fire, ripping out bushes,
Tearing siding off the house, going to tear out the bathroom, kitchen, summerhouse(sort of a picnic shelter). They asked me if they could tear out a shrub next to their driveway, but just on our side. I am sentimental about it, but said I would ask bro and sis about it. They don't care, turns out. So. It can go, it keeps getting branches over in their driveway, and doesn't grow much on their side. It's a boxwood, possibly a volunteer from a couple streets over where there was same in front of a funeral home. At least fifty years old. But we have plenty of shade in the yard, and it it is definitely in their way, why make them keep cutting it.
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