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10 November 2015 @ 02:57 pm
Some entries are Friends Only, some are public.

19 July 2018 @ 07:17 pm
This is not a big deal, but this from Sunday evening to this afternoon (Thursday), I was house and dog sitting for someone. I thought I put my flashlight in my bag when I went, thought I took it out and used it, then couldn't find it the whole time I was there. I was mystified and thought I was going to have to get a new one, then when I got home it was there.

I just wonder why I thought I brought it with me when obviously I just forgot and left it home. I couldn't remember why I had taken it out of my bag when I got there, so it was even worse. I'm glad I didn't lose it, and I did not need it after all when I was there. But it's just weird!
13 July 2018 @ 10:32 pm
First post from my first smartphone which I bought this week and then got it activated tonight.

It's kind of difficult to use the keyboard, I'm just not used to it yet.

But, wow. I did not get an iPhone as I wanted to, thanks to maadmike's advice. IPhones are expensive and some cheaper phones work about the same. This looks pretty good, but I still have to read the user manual.

Anyway, if anyone is reading, have a good evening, or whatever time of day it is where you are!
04 June 2018 @ 01:13 pm
Lord I dedicate this journal to you now, and I hope you work through me in it.

Open strife is better than hidden love.
16 April 2018 @ 01:36 pm
It's snowing, I'm at the library. It will probably melt in no time, but it's coming down pretty heavy. I'm watching random videos about building houses, this is an "earthbag" house--I think it's when you fill a long plastic bag tube with dirt and then plaster over it. Not sure. But it looks like fun. I'm watching the inside construction and outside finishing, like the skylight and patio railing on the roof.

I guess this teenager gets her own room a few feet from the parents house. It looks like it's in the desert somewhere.

15 March 2018 @ 02:22 pm

Not finished with it yet, but interesting.
...it's made of just soapsuds and concrete.

This is one comment from the YouTube site:

the comment is behind the cut...Collapse )

I myself don't think every home should be made with it, but it sounds like it will be used a lot on the future, sounds like it does not cost much.

Here is the video, it's short:

29 September 2017 @ 07:53 pm

On Saturday our neighbor was out on his porch with his acoustic guitar and was singing beautifully. This guy and his wife remind me of the neighbors somewhat. This couple on YouTube are a couple who built a tiny house for their (4?) boys, and they are very thrifty and independent. Their living room is their recording studio, but here they are singing in a concrete silo. It's just beautiful.

The hymn is old one, though a version of it is popular on radio in the last months. This is the original version as far as I know.

28 September 2017 @ 05:07 pm
Whew, someone sent me a used iPad. I was pretty stunned. I listen to a Bible study on Thursday afternoons, and got to emailing with the group. There is a chat room at the Youtube channel just for that Bible study (The Superior Word), & we get to talking a lot.

I thought it was going to be a cheaper thing, someone had one they were not using, maybe bought a new one, & donated it to the church. I mentioned to one of the organizersthat I know God was going to connect me up somehow so that I don't have to go to the library all of the time to get online. She mentioned this to the pastor who does the study, she must have heard about the tablet.

So they said they were sending me one, and I really didn't expect it to be so nice. :D

I'm not used to it, and don't have internet at home and it's a 20 to 25 minute walk to the nearest internet cafe (Starbucks). But so far it's fun, hope it is useful.

I wish I could have wifi at home but it sounds expensive.
20 September 2017 @ 02:42 pm
This whole video is about a guy who made wood and metal pieces that can be attached together to make houses, furniture, vehicles. Everything is designed to be modular, only two tools used to put anything together. He built a solar powered train car that cruises the rails on solar panels from his house.

There is an old music and dance show called Soul Train, so he borrowed the name and made the "Sol" train.

10 April 2017 @ 04:18 pm
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance (patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."

Galatians 5:22-23

We fish with the Gospel, God cleans them up.

A very animated discussion by a guy from Florida, my dad's sister and dad's parents lived there.
29 March 2017 @ 04:34 pm
This is my conversation with Madame Poovie at Youtube a the link in red just underneath this paragraph (below in large red text, with the names Bolded, you have to scroll down to read it). The rest is the original comment that I commented on--to  alex obukh. So read alex obukh's comment first, then afufle and madame poovie. She makes the claim that "Holy Scripture says we may call a catholic priest father. I pointed out that when Holy Scripture was written, Catholic Priests did not even exist, the Catholic church did not exist. I told her if she did not suppor that claim, that Scripture says it's okay to call Catholic Priests "Father", then I wouldn't continue the discussion. Well she commented again and


Mega-churches, New world order Agendas Exposed! 2015 (Church of Tares)
Joshua Wiley
Published on May 24, 2015

From Rick Warren to the emergent church take a look at how their roots and foundations come from marketing and corporations, to rob the community and not to give the people JESUS... A MUST SEE!!! obama,666,forerunner777,secret societies,new age agenda, spiritualism,alex jones,last days, disasters,wars,prophets,new world order, catholic church,religion, masons, illuminati, seventh day adventist, pope,virgin mary, conspiracy theory,jesse ventura, walter veith,Doug Batchelor, ivor myers, stephen bohr, henry wright, randy skeet, pope francis, jesuits, illuminati in movies, satanism in hip hop,freemasons, aliens, angels, demons, isis, prophecies, revelation,

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alex obukh
alex obukh6 months ago
Plain and simple, you don't need to go to church to get saved. Church doesn't save anyone. Its your personal relationship with God that matters. Church is a place to praise the lord publicly. Sadly most of your bigger churches are run like a business, where money comes first and God comes second.

the intervening comments behind this cutCollapse )
afufle1 month ago
Right, iron sharpens iron, and we are told to not neglect the meeting together of ourselves. We all need to be taught and reminded. Our relationship with God is a foundation, but Jesus said to love one another. How do we love one another & not be a part of one body.
Uriah Blacke
Uriah Blacke21 hours ago
+ afufle: We are to meet together and encourage one another to stand fast in the faith, but we can't glorify anyone other than God during these times.

afufle2 hours ago
Yes, don't glorify money and find a church that glorifies God!

Madame Poovie
Madame Poovie1 hour ago
What do you mean by "find a church?" There is only ONE CHURCH...ONE TRUTH established by Jesus Christ...the One, Holy, Catholic (universal) and Apostolic Church. Matthew 16-18.

afufle55 minutes ago
If you don't mind disobeying Jesus and calling men who you don't even know "Father". Plus plenty of other apostasy and lies, and disobedience to Jesus and His commandments.
Madame Poovie
Madame Poovie38 minutes ago (edited)
Calling a priest "father" can be seen in holy Scripture! What apostasy and lies and disobedience are you talking about?? The Holy Catholic Church has GOVERNED CHRISTIANITY for over 2000 years! You Protestants broke away from the One, true Church established by Jesus Christ to create over 40,000 false denominations so I have no idea what you are talking about??

Madame Poovie
Madame Poovie36 minutes ago
The holy Catholic Church was preaching the Gospel 300 years BEFORE the holy Bible even existed. The Catholic Church still teaches today what the Early Church Fathers taught! Do you know who the early Church Fathers are?? They were taught by the Apostles.
afufle30 minutes ago
Paul called himself father of Timothy, who was an orphan, and he more or less had a reason for it, he was a father to Timothy. That does not justify disobeying Jesus' commandment to call no man father. As I said, the church encourages people to speak to someone they don't know and cannot necessarily trust as "Father", always capitalized by Catholics, not father, or dad. No priest was ever Father to me, only the Father of Jesus is Father to me. This is just about putting a lie over on people, getting them to accept that the RCC has the authority of the true Holy Father.
Scripture does not support your claim.

If you don't support your claim, this is the end of my discussion with you on the matter of RCC reliablilty as the one true church.

Jesus said there would be many, many, many, liars.
Madame Poovie
Madame Poovie21 minutes agoHighlighted reply
The ONLY "lie" is the false protestant church (you) who has NO authority!

afufle10 minutes ago
I am not a Protestant. But you did not support your claim that, "Calling a priest 'father' can be seen in holy Scripture!". But the RCC church and priests did not exist when Holy Scripture was written!!!!! So you will keep calling me names, I guess, nothing I can do about it.
23 March 2017 @ 05:51 pm
I was looking to see if tartar could be removed at home.

Do you have a horrible build-up of tartar on your teeth?

You will know if you do, because it is a horrible yellow/brown mineral deposit found on your teeth, and can usually be found on the back of your teeth.

It is a common problem caused by inefficient brushing and a bad diet, which if left untreated can cause periodontitis.

Periodontitis is inflammation and infection of the ligament and alveolar bone that supports the teeth, which can, in fact, be preventing by avoiding the build-up of tartar on your teeth.

Many people go to the dentist to have tartar removed, but you can, in fact, treat it yourself. Be aware, however, that these treatments will only achieve a fraction of the results a dentist can, there is no more effective way of removing tartar than visiting your dentist.

There are plenty of options for treating tartar at home, all you need is:

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Water

  • Baking soda

  • Salt

  • Antiseptic mouthwash

  • Dental pick

  • Toothbrush

Here are some simple methods to remove tartar:

  1. Mix a cup of hydrogen peroxide with ½ a cup of warm water, rinse your mouth for one minute, spit and then rinse again with a ½ cup of cool water.

  2. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a ½ teaspoon of salt in a cup, rinse your toothbrush with warm water, and dip it in the mix. Then brush your teeth and spit. The treatment should take about five minutes.

  3. Rinse your mouth with a natural antiseptic mouth wash every second day.

  4. Use a dental pick to remove the tartar, but be careful not to scrape your gums.

To keep your teeth clean and healthy and prevent the build-up of tartar, try these insider tips:

1. Eat Cheese

Eating Swiss or Cheddar cheese before a meal helps to neutralize the acids that lead to tartar.

2. Strawberries and Tomatoes

Strawberries and tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, they help to keep your teeth white and soften tartar. Rub them on your teeth and leave them for five minutes. This technique also works with other food that is high in vitamin C.

3. Dental Floss

Flossing your teeth twice a day after brushing helps to prevent the build-up of tartar, practice your technique and it should only take 30 seconds to do.

4. Eat Spicy Food

Eating chili triggers your saliva glands, which helps to clean your mouth naturally.

By Charlotte H.

Source: http://www.lifeadvancer.com/remove-tartar-at-home

-->Another interesting article with coconut oil toothpaste recipe
09 March 2017 @ 06:19 pm
Lord help me keep my mind and heart on you so I can testify to your Word and YOU. Let me keep my eyes on the Prize!!!!
06 March 2017 @ 02:22 pm
King James Bible:
"For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect."

I am watching a video that says the Greek used in "if it were possible" is the first class conditional clause, which means that it is possible, even for a short time. For people to be fooled.

I talked before about this couple who counseled me for a time for repressed memories of trauma, and they twice took me to some gatherings or conferences of what I now realize were the type of "signs and wonders" that are talked about here in the Gospel of Mark(Mark: 31-32).

I saw gold dust appearing on people's skin, and realistically some claimed to have seen and experienced other amazing things. I am not saying that any of this was faked. I am not necessarily saying they are not of God. But I am saying that I was led to believe that I had multiple personalities, and that they were parts of me that were splintered off in the process of being damaged by crazy family members. But basically they are demons. And they lied well because they had access to my mind.

But after a while I began to notice that their therapy wasn't really working, that the one person who was their other steady patient was absolutely self-obsessed, and I am sure she was also self deceived. She claimed Jesus told her this and that, and after a while it just was not working. She posted all of the time on facebook about how her life was just fine, and if you posted a comment in reply to her, she would never ever answer you back.

After a while I left one or two statements that were actually a bit mocking, and she never responded to those either. Except one time when she wanted something, a house-sitter for her animals while they went to Chicago for a week. So I did that for her.

The husband of my counselors had to be a Pastor somewhere, he had to have that title, it was like he craved respect from men. Also, he ended up dating a woman who was married to a man he was counseling. He claimed God was telling him to have a spiritual and emotional affair with this woman. He asked twice.

Right. He was greedy. He had a nice looking wife, who was not mean or mouthy or nagging, and they obviously had a good sex life. She was one of those women who are good looking without makeup. So there was no problem there. He just wanted to satisfy his sexualy curiousity. He claimed it was not sexual, but he would bring her to the house and kiss her on the cheek.

I have NO doubt that God was telling him to have an emotional and spiritual affair with his wife, because he only cared for her physically.

He was arrogant about other things too. I do not know what happened to them, but I was warned to stay away from him, and have not been able to get back in touch with her.

EDIT: these people had gotten kicked out of the church where I met them, and he was more strange than I thought, did not pay enough attention to the Bible, but he was led by the disease ("multiple personality") that he was counseling people for.

Source for the Greek meaning:

I just posted this because someone said she used to be Catholic, then listened to this guy, became a Christian.

This is something I want to come back to later:


So a reference post for me.

And another video by a former Muslim. He discusses the doctrine of abrogation in Islam. I have only just begun it, but he sounds quite intelligent. This should be interesting:

This will be sort of boring for anyone who has not been through it. It is just 3 people who felt like they were just going to Prosperity Gospel churches.

This mentions Kenneth Copeland, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Joel Osteen, and others, as well as some of the miracles that they perform. I was getting counseling from a couple who went to a conference where Bill Johnson was mentioned favorably, and where gold dust manifested on peoples hands, necks, cheeks, their scalp, and one guy had it unintentionally showing through his shirt--it was a very warm climate and the weave was a bit loose. You could just see it barely if you sat at the right angle to him. Sometimes it was purple or maybe red.

At first I thought the dust was somehow just existing in the spirit world, and you could see it if you had been a believer and prayerful, or something like that. But it was real, and it did not wash off, but slowly came off by itself. A man from some university examined it and it was composed of seven layers of metal, with oil in between. If it had been the kind of sparkly craft glitter that I've seen, it would have been obvious, you can see bits of it and it gets all over everything, seats, clothes, hair, you cannot control it.

If it had been finely pulverized metal as I have also seen (often used in makeup), it would still have gotten all over. And you could have washed it off easily with soap and water. AND it would have looked frosty instead of shiny the way it did when the light hit it, it had quite a shine.

The people at the conference, only one there was related to any names I had ever heard mentioned as Apostate, Hypocrite, Prosperity Gospel people who are just interested in money and fame and doing what they want.

This was Rolland Baker, the husband of Heidi Baker. He spoke about how he met Heidi, their  experiences in China as missionaries. There was a miracle, multiplication of food. This was under the threat of death becauise Christianity is illegal in China, and it was in an orphanage in a remote location, where the lowliest of the low would be. He did not make a lot of outlandish claims, and I have a tendency to think this is true.

I do think these "signs and wonders" are true, but you still have to be a person of character.  The miracles don't matter to God, except as they are used to help bring people in and heal them, and to help them grow in character and relationship to each other.

It is interesting that Rolland Baker, who is Pentecostal, also asked if anyone at the conference I went to was interested in receiving the gift of tongues, glossalalia. I went up, but absolutely could not get close to him to touch his hand. People to each side of me, right in front of me, and in rows in back of me were able to, it was not like he was that hard to reach. He was holding out his hand. I had not prayed about it at all up to that time, and when I got back to the hotel, I realized I had something in my past, an unrepented sin, that was probably the problem. Since then until August of 2016, I had not had the opportunity to get it. After a year or so I no longer went anywhere or talked to the couple I was counseling. The husband was slowly going off his rocker, and started dating the wife of a man he was counseling. Crazy, and not exactly Biblical. He was convinced God wanted that for him.

Anyway, I had to pray for it several times over a 2 or 3 years to get it, but one day when I was not expecting it, my pastor had invited a man from England to preach at the church. He did not tell anyone, and I do not know if he knew this preacher would be preaching the fire of the Holy Spirit or offering the gift of tongues.

That day, a Wednesday in August, I had finally cooked a dish that had sesame oil and hot chile flavoring in it. I had wanted to get this sesame oil for years, and cook the dish, but never did, it was just too expensive. God is good. I could afford it that time. So for the first time I cooked it. Also, I had purchased some sunscreen when I was in South Dakota a week or so before, and had been looking at the label. For the first time I noticed that it had a circle of fire, with 4 jets of fire shooting out, the company's logo, that looked like a cross. That doesn't seem like much of a miracle or sign, but I'd been wanting to make this dish for years, and had purchased the sunscreen on a church trip.

Like that, the "cross" was. I had to draw it, could not find the sunscreen on Google.

Well, that night I went up to get the gift of tongues and I got it. I cried uncontrollably, and don't know why. One of my friends had the same reaction, though she did not go up to get prayed over.

I found one of the words of my prayer language at a site I used to go to a lot, and it might be native american. One of the women in my church has Bulgarian as her prayer language. Jack Hayford, a prominent but laid back Pentecostal preacher, said that the first time you get a prayer tongue, it is a real language. At some point afterward, you might get the language of Heaven, the tongue of angels, as saint Paul calls it.

Because someone did a study of people who speak in tongues, and found the people they tested spoke in a language that was not recognizable, made of up sounds from their own language, that that is the way it is.

I think because the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Signs and Wonders movement is getting more popular, people maybe are not getting the real thing. You can still get results when you have faith. Before I got the gift, I went through a year of believing that I had it when I didn't. But it still seemed to get results. I wouldn't go back to doing that, though.

23 February 2017 @ 01:56 pm
Whoo, it's about 70 degrees out, late spring weather at least.

I am looking up the PH level of quinine water, because I am wondering if it would be good to get rid of mold in our basement, on the walls. Really we probably need a dehumidifier to take out the moisture, but for mold that already is there, I'd say something alkaline is needed.

Mold is a fungus, and fungus hates alkalinity, sunshine, dryness and cold. It thrives in acidic environments (sweaty socks!), darkness (sweaty socks!), warmth(sweaty socks!) and humidity (sweaty socks!).

This isn't really about athlete's foot, but I mention sweaty socks because it's a good place to grow fungus,usually athlete's foot fungus.

I'm thinking if we spray the basementwalls with quinine water in the winter, when it's driest, it will help. Baking soda would work except for the salt in it, which attracts water. It works if your clothes smell like mildew, put some baking soda in the washer with the soap.

My mom had hired a company who covered the stone walls with plastic, which will make it more dark and more moist underneath. They also installed a sump pump to help drain the water outside before it soaks through the walls. So it might not be so bad, but the plastic is a bad idea. I guess they get a lot of money to do this in homes. They also left a little container of a pungent scent to cover the mildew scent. This only lasts a while and I don't know what mom was thinking of to let this happen. Also they were supposed to provide more of the scent, but of course did not.

I found some notes on quinine water at this place called sciencegeist.net. This site is pretty interesting.
15 February 2017 @ 05:32 pm

Years ago I used to watch this on scratchy, bad reception television. But it was good. I was not really much of a Christian at all. This fascinated me though. I think Mr. Levitt is gone now, but I still remember this from the 1980s.
15 February 2017 @ 04:03 pm
Okay, so it occurred to me that we should be praying for refugees who come to this country to become Christians.

President Trump tried to cause many refugees from Muslim countries not to come into the US, but a US judge overruled this. Before it was overruled  by that judge, I got rather happy, said "thank.you.jesus!". But I think this made the Holy Spirit sad. Right away I stepped on my own glasses, which had fallen on the floor. This has not happened in years, if at all.

I sometimes misplace them or they fall on the floor, but to step on them, somehow this never happens. Even now they are a bit warped. it is hard to get myself to bend them too much, I don't yet want to get new ones if they break when I am trying to get them back into shape!

I wondered right away if God was mad at me. Things do seem to happen like this when He wants my attention. It is because I am not being holy that He has to allow more unholiness to hurt me, because I have to choose to do what He wants.

I finally realized that I should WANT these Muslim refugees to come to America to give them the opportunity to get saved. The United Arab Emirates, also known as Saudi Arabia, doesn't help the Muslim refugees is because they want to spread Islam this way. They have plenty of money at least to help some of the refugees, a large number. I believe that because they will not help their own people, will not spread Islam peacefully, that is why the tectonic plates under the Middle East have shifted. At this time, that is what is believed to have happened to the earth there.

The oil that provided the great wealth for the United Arab Emirates is now beneath the land that was traditionally associate with Jacob's son Asher. Moses said that "Asher's foot will be dipped in oil". I have also heard that it says "dipped in olive oil". I do not know the exact wording of Moses' promise, but some Israelis seem to believe this, that the tectonic plates shifted in order to enrich Israel and that it is fulfullment of Bible prophecy.

This is interesting: I bought some vitamins a few weeks ago, but when they arrived, I realized I had ordered the wrong kind of vitamin E. I called and they said, just keep them, give them away or something, and they would give me a credit for my whole order. But I got the new order and the packing slip said my credit card had been charged with the new vitamins. They had promised me a credit. But I realized that what King David said when he purhased the property on the Temple Mount where God said the Temple would be built applies to this--David was offered the property for free, since it was for God. The owner wanted to give him the property. But David said he would not build the Temple if it cost him nothing.

So I did give the original vitamins away at church, and will allow the charge to my credit card even though they said I didn't have to, because this benefits the church. And me being healthy benefits the church.