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My entry got featured!

My 1560 Geneva Bible entry got featured in [Unknown LJ tag]lj_top15_noncyr</lj>.
I'm flattered. It did have the Russian language tag, so I think that helped. And colorful photos! I do think there are not so many English writers left at LJ, sadly, but we're mostly good ones, I think.
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1560 Geneva Bible

I got this because I saw someone saying it's the legitimate Bible, a step up from the King James Version. It was translated from the original manuscripts around the time that Mary, Queen of Scots, was persecuting Protestants in the UK. Many English citizens left and fled to Switzerland then, and that's where the Bible was published.

The significant differences are the margin notes and the idea that God never wanted his people to have Kings. Israel already had a system of justice, and the idea of the Divine Right of kings was just selfish and worldly.

But he knew Israel would insist on it.

The people writing the King James Bible somehow changed or eliminated that. I have to look at my brand new version of the King James Bible to verify that. Or look online, come to think of it.

What I did not expect from this Bible was that the pages are photographs of the original. I thought that even if it retained the original spelling, it would be typeset like a modern book. Not so!

Romans 1:28
For as they regarded not to know God, even so God delivered them up into a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient ...

It's a struggle to read, but I've read it before in more modern English, so not very difficult.
I just flipped the book open a bit, and that's what came up.

What stands out to me is the word, "conuenient", in modern English "convenient". One of the very few things I know about Russian is that convenient in Russian means "proper". You might say in English is that "it is not proper for a man to take his shirt off in a restaurant".
It would be strange to say in English that it is not convenient, because it doesn't really make sense. To us, convenient means involving little trouble or effort, or fitting in well with a person's needs, activities and plans.
It's a very different meaning. I think it's interesting that I landed on that particular verse.

I wonder how the word got to be one way for Russians, and another for English speakers. I am sure there is a reason for the difference!

This is the 1560 Bible, and wow, it is heavy! There are some apocryphal books in it, such as Judith, which are not included in the King James Version. Most Protestant churches use the King James version. I have never heard of a church in the US that uses the Geneva Bible. I don't remember hearing about it until the last few months.

I am glad to have it, and a newer version of the Living Bible, the version I received when I was confirmed in Catholic church. My copy had gotten some of the pages torn out. Other than that, I love it. Even the color. 😁
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9/11 -- 20 Years Ago

I watched some videos of people recounting their 9/11/01 experiences, people who were in offices in the world trade center, who were able to escape before the buildings collapsed.

One woman said it was a beautiful clear day. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue, and it has never been that blue again. I agree. I had forgotten that I was thinking how beautiful it was in my city on Ohio, far from New York, but maybe the same latitude on the USA.

I was upstairs taking a shower, possibly around ten o'clock. I had a robe on and was putting a towel on my hair. My mom yelled up the stairs, "Everybody, come quick, all hell is breaking loose! A plane hit a tower in New York!"

I yelled up to my sister on the third floor, said what mom said. I think by the time I got downstairs, the second plane had not hit the other tower yet.

Katie Couric (television reporter) was talking, she theorized that the jets were full of fuel since the airfield they left from was close to New York. That they did that purposefully to make them explode powerfully. It may have been a producer or director talking in her earphone telling her to talk about it, or maybe she figured it out herself.

I went out if the house to our back yard just to pace a bit. I wondered if they were coming to our city also, if they were going to attack every major and medium sized city in America.

When I came back side, at some point another plane hit the Pentagon. And flight ninety three crashed in a field. I think that plane was a bit slower than the others, and people aboard had cell phones and were talking to their family members. They found out about the other three planes and made a quick plan to sabotage the flight. Flight ninety three was headed for the White House.(edit, in case I didn't make clear, Flight Ninety Three crashed to the ground before it could hit the White House, thanks to the passengers making quick plans and attacking the three terrorists who had hijacked the plane

It is heartbreaking to think of the people who were so quick to think of what to do and then do it and die. The whole thing is heartbreaking. But I also feel proud of them, to have done that.(Edit, in case I did not make it clear: the plane crashed in a field before it could reach its goal. The passengers attacked the terrorist hijackers as they piloted the plane. Everyone died, but it would have killed a lot of people and damaged the morale of the nation much worse than it did. The president was on a plane at that time, but his wife may still have been at home in the White House.)

I am sure people in work camps in World War II had it worse, since it was a slow death. But maybe some had time to repent of any wrongdoing before they died. They had months and years of suffering and saw their families die. (And many more Jews and some Germans and Polish died in the camps, or in mass executions.) A few made it to Israel to start up a new life, and a few of those will live to see the Messiah come, I am sure of it.

These are the last days.

There was a newscaster named Peter Jennings, and he was talking to a reporter named Ashleigh Banfield. She said many many doctors and medical personnel had been mobilized to go to New York and set up surgical units to tend to the wounded.

She said something like, "and they waited and waited, ...and waited". She had this odd look in her face. She just paused with the look on her face. He said, "what do you mean?"

She said they were all dead, there were no wounded. They either escaped with their lives, or had been annihilated by the collapse of the buildings, or had jumped to their death from high up.

The word "Decimated" got used a lot by people talking about it in those days.

The one thing I cannot figure out about those days, is why Bin Laden thought he could escape, and not be found. I think it took a few years, I was homeless for a while and it is hard to remember what happened when during those years, sometimes.

But of course they did find him and did not delay in executing him. I think there are several large countries in this world, that if you do that sort of thing to them, they have the resources to track someone down. Why Bin Laden thought he'd never be found, I don't know. But he is reported to have said it, and I've no doubt he did.

Possibly it would have made no difference in what he did, but it would be interesting to know what he'd say if some of his allies had said, "listen, you know they'll track you down".
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Haha, I just saw a video of a flood in Maadmike's post. Its pretty radical, and reminds me of a flood at my grandparents house when I was ...I can't remember, maybe mid-twenties, or late twenties for me. It was the mid to late 1980s.

It had rained for three days, and luckily I had not put the garbage bags out to the curb, since when I woke up, early, to take it out an hour before they got there, the water covered the curb and went almost halfway up the lawn. In the street, a car was stalled and abandoned. When I finally went out in the street, it was maybe 5 inches above my knee.

There were places on the other side of the street that were very deep, as they went below street level. There was a canoe parked on one hill behind a house, and though the flood was in central Michigan, the parents of the people who owned the canoe happened to be down in Southern Ohio where I live, my family has been here for 50 years. I was visiting relatives in Michigan, when the flood happened. It's a small world as they said.

It flooded every year there, but this was really rare for the river to go that far above the flood level.


I am back at the library for the first time since March 2020. I'm on one of the library's laptops, which I've never used, so it's rather different and frustrating, yet satisfying. I'll get used to it. Its a beautiful day, though rather hot. I don't do well in hot weather. I'll live. I'd love to get air conditioning, though I don't know if it'll be practical or affordable. A window unit might do.

My mom's room is comfortable. I moved in because of bedbugs upstairs in two rooms. It's not fun staying up all night spraying them with rubbing alcohol. Mom died, and we stayed out of her room, but in the years since she did, the bugs died also. All but one, which was old and rickety and I was able to find it very quickly.

There were a couple others, from being in public places that have them, but I was able to spray the bed and put sheets & blankets in the dryer. When there are few of them, they will nest and be found within 3 feet of where your head is when you sleep. That's a good thing to know.

This is a very pleasant library.
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Tribulation, very interesting

This guy talks about the tribulation, without hysteria. The YouTube link has a miniscule video that just points out he has a .PDF file for a document about the tribulation being quite near, since the bride (Virgo with the crown of stars overhead, the serpent at her feet, in the night sky over Jerusalem--in 2016?).

This has been an interesting year, starting about a month ago? I thought it was longer, but S. says a month. Anyway, been taking a Bible study with, of all type of people, Jehovah's witnesses.

As the .PDF points out, Jehovah's Witnesses believe Jesus is actually the archangel Michael. I don't think so and she hasn't mentioned it yet.

They do think the Holy Spirit is a power or force and not a person, about which we agreed to disagree. About other things.
Wednesday night I "attended" a meeting, and I felt quite guilty for not going to my church.

I have not been going, for several reasons, including selfishness on my part. It has been since maybe 2018. That's a long time.

I got sick, possibly after having gotten asymptomatic Covid in December. I had NO symptoms, no respiratory problems, etc.

I was going to get vaccinated, get the stick test to see if I've actually had it.

I got problems with my teeth, joints, tinnitus, heart, shortness of breath progressively for months.

I will be doing not much with my family after getting this because they wanted to go to a restaurant for Christmas.

They have been behaving abominably, smoking (*cough* hint hint) and acting like wild partiers. Extremely wild, talking in front of the kids like bastards. I really really really need to make true friends in the cchurch, and get away from this, though it would hurt to leave my Mom's house.
It would be expensive, and I am not working, and I might have to live on government money, which is no kind of life. It is meant to be for emergencies, not for the long run.
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Why did I buy an account at dreamwidth but not use it for a whole year? Active paranoia in my head. Just that I felt weird and crazy when I did come back. Now it's like, here I am.

I don't like the weird synesthesia, the black and white stuff in my head. I like this guy and this video. (Eric Gilmour). Someone at church recommended it.