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10 November 2015 @ 02:57 pm
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23 February 2017 @ 01:56 pm
Whoo, it's about 70 degrees out, late spring weather at least.

I am looking up the PH level of quinine water, because I am wondering if it would be good to get rid of mold in our basement, on the walls. Really we probably need a dehumidifier to take out the moisture, but for mold that already is there, I'd say something alkaline is needed.

Mold is a fungus, and fungus hates alkalinity, sunshine, dryness and cold. It thrives in acidic environments (sweaty socks!), darkness (sweaty socks!), warmth(sweaty socks!) and humidity (sweaty socks!).

This isn't really about athlete's foot, but I mention sweaty socks because it's a good place to grow fungus,usually athlete's foot fungus.

I'm thinking if we spray the basementwalls with quinine water in the winter, when it's driest, it will help. Baking soda would work except for the salt in it, which attracts water. It works if your clothes smell like mildew, put some baking soda in the washer with the soap.

My mom had hired a company who covered the stone walls with plastic, which will make it more dark and more moist underneath. They also installed a sump pump to help drain the water outside before it soaks through the walls. So it might not be so bad, but the plastic is a bad idea. I guess they get a lot of money to do this in homes. They also left a little container of a pungent scent to cover the mildew scent. This only lasts a while and I don't know what mom was thinking of to let this happen. Also they were supposed to provide more of the scent, but of course did not.

I found some notes on quinine water at this place called sciencegeist.net. This site is pretty interesting.
15 February 2017 @ 05:32 pm

Years ago I used to watch this on scratchy, bad reception television. But it was good. I was not really much of a Christian at all. This fascinated me though. I think Mr. Levitt is gone now, but I still remember this from the 1980s.
15 February 2017 @ 04:03 pm
Okay, so it occurred to me that we should be praying for refugees who come to this country to become Christians.

President Trump tried to cause many refugees from Muslim countries not to come into the US, but a US judge overruled this. Before it was overruled  by that judge, I got rather happy, said "thank.you.jesus!". But I think this made the Holy Spirit sad. Right away I stepped on my own glasses, which had fallen on the floor. This has not happened in years, if at all.

I sometimes misplace them or they fall on the floor, but to step on them, somehow this never happens. Even now they are a bit warped. it is hard to get myself to bend them too much, I don't yet want to get new ones if they break when I am trying to get them back into shape!

I wondered right away if God was mad at me. Things do seem to happen like this when He wants my attention. It is because I am not being holy that He has to allow more unholiness to hurt me, because I have to choose to do what He wants.

I finally realized that I should WANT these Muslim refugees to come to America to give them the opportunity to get saved. The United Arab Emirates, also known as Saudi Arabia, doesn't help the Muslim refugees is because they want to spread Islam this way. They have plenty of money at least to help some of the refugees, a large number. I believe that because they will not help their own people, will not spread Islam peacefully, that is why the tectonic plates under the Middle East have shifted. At this time, that is what is believed to have happened to the earth there.

The oil that provided the great wealth for the United Arab Emirates is now beneath the land that was traditionally associate with Jacob's son Asher. Moses said that "Asher's foot will be dipped in oil". I have also heard that it says "dipped in olive oil". I do not know the exact wording of Moses' promise, but some Israelis seem to believe this, that the tectonic plates shifted in order to enrich Israel and that it is fulfullment of Bible prophecy.

This is interesting: I bought some vitamins a few weeks ago, but when they arrived, I realized I had ordered the wrong kind of vitamin E. I called and they said, just keep them, give them away or something, and they would give me a credit for my whole order. But I got the new order and the packing slip said my credit card had been charged with the new vitamins. They had promised me a credit. But I realized that what King David said when he purhased the property on the Temple Mount where God said the Temple would be built applies to this--David was offered the property for free, since it was for God. The owner wanted to give him the property. But David said he would not build the Temple if it cost him nothing.

So I did give the original vitamins away at church, and will allow the charge to my credit card even though they said I didn't have to, because this benefits the church. And me being healthy benefits the church.
13 February 2017 @ 05:07 pm
This is an interview of Pastor Cleddie Keith on prayer, by Sid Roth who is the moderator of It's Supernatural. Sid is a Messianic Jew, and his programs tend to be pretty interesting. Sometimes I doubt the people who are on his show, but it's always interesting. Pastor Cleddie is a friend of my pastor and an inspiration to him.

There is a video of him available for purchase, I believe, on the show. It was filmed at my church and I watched it live, went up and talked to Pastor Cleddie for a few minutes, I asked him to pray with me. The video available for purchase is in the same vein as what Cleddie talked about with Sid Roth.

This is him on the show, though. He is an older man, originally from Texas, moved to a church that is maybe 15 to 20 miles away from where I live:

09 February 2017 @ 06:40 pm
I was looking up Pope Jean Paul II because a few years ago there was a book written about him by a man who said he whipped himself with a leather belt regularly. Slawamir Oder is the man's name, he is apparently a Vatican insider who was in charge of gathering evidence of his saintliness so he could be canonized by the Catholic church. [Why He Is a Saint: The Life and Faith of Pope John Paul II and the Case for Canonization, Slawamir Oder]

Someone at my non-denominational Christian church was questioning a book I recommended she read, The Two Babylons, which is about idolatry and pagan practices adopted by the Roman Catholic church. I mentioned that he whipped himself with a leather belt, it was in the news (around January 2010). She doubted me, but I trust my memory, and came to the library today to look it up on the internet.

She seems to think it's a rumor, or reported by unreliable news agencies. There is a big scandal over Hilary Clinton's campaign manager, and his brother and friends reported to be involved in a pedophile ring. This scandal was relegated to the arena of "fake news", total unprovable lies. Even though apparently the guy (John Podesta) admitted to it. Wikileaks had gotten copies of his emails and published them, and it was about Spirit Cooking, which is just common code for Sex with Children. The man's friend (Jaime Enfante) owns a New York Pizzeria that advertises the game of ping pong is available for children to play with, it's oriented toward entertaining children and parents. There were all kinds of weird photos posted by "friends" of the restaurant, really weird stuff not appropriate for children or anyone.

The major news agencies called it "fake news" and beat it down.  I think that is what is making her suspicious, she did not believe that Pope Jean Paul II did that. I am finding all the news is reported by legitimate news agencies, and I think it is true. The book that made this claim was put out to support his sainthood, the Catholic church supported it.

My point about this is that it is a continuation of the pagan practice of bloodletting (though in this case there was pain & maybe bruising, but not blood), and also in the Catholic Church there was bloodletting to add to Christ's blood, as though we needed this for salvation. THIS SELF ABUSE IS AN ADDICTION, DISTURBED PEOPLE CUT THEMSELVES AND DO THINGS LIKE THAT.   This is more my point, finally. Lol, late and I have to go.
09 February 2017 @ 06:35 pm
I tripped over this looking for info on Pope Jean Paul II, and I love it. It's a huge thread about Catholic Sexual Abusers, and lawsuits against them. I thought no one was keeping track of this anymore. After a while in the USA, most of the major news agencies who had been covering this had dropped it, acting as though the job was done, everything is okay now, it was an unfair witch hunt.

It may be that some of the abusers have been put out of action, but given human nature, I just wonder that there isn't still a fair amount, and more to come.

06 February 2017 @ 05:51 pm

He talks about guilt toward the end, St. Paul said that sin no longer has dominion over you--Paul means the guilt of sin no longer dominates your life. You are not free of temptation.

Also he talks about the refuguees trying to come to the US from Muslim countries, and Jesus' admonition to "love your neighbor as yourself" He talks about his parents moving to the US to get away from the persecution of Muslims, since they had become Christian and were converting some Muslims to Christianity. They were given 24 hours to move out of their country, by Muslims. They are not our neighbors unless they help us, but the scripture of Islam says to BEHEAD the unbeliever. Jesus describes the neighbor as the Good Samaritan, the one who helped the man who was stripped, beaten and left for dead. He points out that in Germany they rape women and blame it on the availability of alcohol. And it is okay with their scripture. All of the slaughter across the world is to punish unbelievers. They are not our neighbors just because they have a scripture and call themselves a relgion of peace. They say peace where there is no peace.

Charlie Garrett of The Superior Word Church:

John Haller of Bible Fellowship church:

Good stuff! I have not finished the last two yet.
03 February 2017 @ 05:56 pm
My mom read us this when we were much younger. I remember it being very funny, but I don't have time to look at it or listen to it now, just saving it.

01 February 2017 @ 05:06 pm
Amir Tsarfati: Moving Closer to the Rapture, 1-31-17
01 February 2017 @ 04:22 pm
The EGO is the wide road that leads to destruction. The narrow gate is the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. 😁 Just saying! This is from the cream of the crop at my church, the Prophet. God tells her things like that often.
30 January 2017 @ 07:05 pm
Feeling noncommitted to anything, and to boot had a WEIRD dream with Robert DeNiro in it.

He was seemingly in a play or movie and at first it was hard to figure out what it was about. It seemed important and I figureed if it had DeNiro in it it must be important. But finally I saw his ...servants? They were assistants in the movie, or servants or underlings. It seemed to be based on a Shakespeare play, the costuming seemed appropriate.

But his servants, as I was saying, were pushing him with 15 or 20 foot poles. Apparently he smelled AWFUL. He came to an area of railroad tracks, and there was garbage or trash being dumped on it which turned out to be human skeletons (bleached white yet wearing movie costumes suitable to a peasant class). He was smashing them in an artful way, choosing carefully to make it look accidental, done in the course of events in, say, a prison camp). He would stop his assistants who were observing and adjusting the mess on the tracks, to point out this or that and tell them to adjust it and explain what he was doing. But all along, I could hear no sound. All along I expected to find something meaningful, but woke up at that point.

Slowly I realized that this meant he was manufacturing evidence of damage or wrongdoing. I was really creeped out and did remember that last year that I felt I had a repressed memory that came up that I have still no evidence of, and I think this means that something is messing with my head. I have had lots of repressed memories come up but they all seem to have evidence to reinforce them, not this one from last year.

I just creeped me out and it took me a while to get over it. Or to sort of get over it.

I also had had a dream before it where I was with my bro and sis in law, and we went to an antique show and either I bought a shirt, with long sleeves (tee shirt style) or they gave me one, 3 items in all. I think it was a gift. I went to a park, maybe and amusement park with my friend from the Methodist church... more some other time.
26 January 2017 @ 07:45 pm
My January journal cover with the name and address blurred for this post.


I have some dark blue paper that I will cut down for the back.
26 January 2017 @ 06:55 pm
I am nervous about going to Heritage tonight.Carolyn said that following God is sometimes like a tightwire

MY joy is
to serve the Lord

25 January 2017 @ 05:13 pm

Just unbleached flour (lots better for me than regular), yeast, salt and optional bit of cornmeal on the bottom.

You barely need to handle it. It might be interesting to have some whole wheat or sprouts in the bread. Someone told me about Ezekiel bread, made from ground up grain sprouts and lugume sprouts, and I couldn't find it. But I found cereal made the same way and it was quite good.

I have a bread machine, too, but my mom ditched the instruction book.
24 January 2017 @ 05:31 pm
Whew, overwhelmed. I need to get home, take a shower, getting so much in one day. But I watched and took notes in my paper journal on D'Blessing Agapekind's 5 ways to know your spiritual calling.
24 January 2017 @ 03:25 pm
Spiritual Spouses/wives/husbands:

Spiritual spouses, [popularly known as spirit wife/husband] subjects are very deep spiritual issues that are kept away from millions of Christian today.They are specially commission by Satan to molest, trouble and scatter good and godly homes, if at all they allow marriage to take place.
I pray for you that, the almighty God will open your understanding on this matter, in Jesus name.

Characteristic of spirit wife/husband.

1.    They are spiritual enemies living and sleeping with one.
2.    They are very stubborn, aggressive and dangerous.
3.    They are terrible enemies with killer motives [they kill-joy, peace, health, brain, calling, virtue, marriage etc.].
4.    They violate the right of their victims.
5.    They also molest their victims with sex in the dream.
6.    They are no respecter of race.color, age, tribe, position.
7.    They are desperate and very wicked in their activities.
8.    Spiritual spouse activities are not physical-but the resulting effects are terrible sicknesses, emptiness, and diseases.
9.    They turn dreams life into a serious battle.
10.  They are specialist in stopping, frustrating and killing marriage with passion.
11.   They don’t give up easily.
12.   They can entice with physical gift.
13.   Mercy is far from them.
14.   Hardly did they miss their target.
15.   They may come with familiar faces most of the time.
16.   They empower lust and decay in the society.
17.   Prostitutes are used as strong bait to hit hard on their target.
18.   They can impersonate physical spouse.
19.   Spiritual spouse use dream to challenge and attack the destiny of man and woman.
20.   They are very jealous.
21.   They cause disaster on the day of wedding,
22.   They attack marriages with divorce.
23.   They bind men and women to terrible spiritual marriage that troubles the physical one.
24.   They turns joyful homes to battle grounds.

    Their Entry Points

1.   They can enter through immorality.
2.   It can be through pornography.
3.   Spirit wife/husband can be inherited.
4.   They can enter through rape.
5.   It can be through evil dedication of individual.
6.   They can enter through underwear manipulation.
7.   Through tattooing and incision.

       Signs Of Their Presence.

1.    They cause late marriage or no marriage at all.
2.    Rejection by opposite sex.
3.    Constant sex in the dream.
4.    Chains of marital troubles.
5.    Miscarriages after sex in the dream.
6.    Inability to make love to your wife.
7.    Serious pain when about to make love.
8.    All decisions to stay single.
9.     Early menopause.
10.   Missing menstrual period in the dream.
11.   Having prolonged pregnancy
12.   Physical disappearance of marriage ring.
13.   Lost of job and valuables just after marriage ceremony.
14.   When your loving spouse suddenly becomes your enemy.
15.   When one is pregnant in the dream.
16.    Breast feeding in the dream and even seeing breast secreting milk physically.
17.    Inability to conceive.
18.    Having evil or bad body odor.
19.    Constant wet dreams.
20.    Wedding in the dream.
21.    Nursing children in the dream.
22.    Inability to maintain holy life.
23.    When one is always jilted by serious partner.
24.    Feeling tired every morning.

1.    Give your heart to God –Not negotiable.
2.    Repent from all inherited and personal sins.
3.    Break every soul ties with all spirit spouses.
4.    Pray aggressively against their activities in your life, set ablaze their marriage rings, certificates, wedding garments and children, etc.
5.    Receive the baptism of Holy Ghost.
6.    Determine to live holy.
7.    Make Bible your best friend.
8.    Add fasting to your prayers.
9.    Start doing something in the house of the Lord.
10.   Go for deliverance.

These prayers will help you.I want you to know that, prayers to overcome spiritual spouses are to be taken with all seriousness.

1.    Father Lord, l thank you for revealing this deep secret to me, in Jesus name.
2.    Blood of Jesus, Fire of God incubate my life now in Jesus name.
3.    My foundation, release my destiny by fire, in the name of Jesus.
4.    Powers molesting me in the night, crumble in Jesus name.
5.    I divorce every spiritual spouse in Jesus name.
6.    I break every power of evil dedication operating in my life, in Jesus name.
7.    Fires of God, consume every wedding ring, certificate, garment, and children l had with spirit spouse, in Jesus name.
8.    Oh heaven fight for me now, in Jesus name.
9.    Anything linking me with spirit wife/husband, be destroyed in Jesus name.
10.  Family familiar spirit, troubling my marriage be buried alive in Jesus name.
11.   Hands of mighty God, deliver me from the powers that vowed to destroy me, in Jesus name.
12.   I recover every good thing stolen by spiritual spouse, in Jesus name.[also see how you can make your marriage lively.]
19 January 2017 @ 07:36 pm
I am listening to John Haller as I write. Last week in his prophecy update he named Charles Krauthammer, a newspaper columnist I like, and he named a bunch of awful televangelists I don't like (and he doesn't like), such as Paula White. Real hypocrites. The first part of this week's is some random stuff. I bet he will get to the meeting of (100?) nations who are trying to control Israel.
12 January 2017 @ 08:00 pm
I paid off the minimum I could with my debit card, seven dollars and a little change. I find it hard to keep track of, it's been worse, though. And I could waste my money on worse things than the library. But I live close and it's also easy to renew by phone, & I hope I can do better.

I saw my friend Jojo from the Methodist Church--the outreach events and services I used to go to when I didn't have any money, for free food & clothes. She is very slow mentally, since she was hit by a car by about age 7--she can only write in capital letters, cannot really read. But she is fun and hard not to like, as far as I am concerned. She visits the family across the street with another friend of hers, and I told her to come on the porch. I had some cantaloupe that was ripe and I cut it up last night, so gave her a bowl of that. I'm glad she ate it all, seemed to like it.

My dream was strange, that I was looking at documentary films from high school, that our school had a wild dog that was spotted but dressed in women's clothing. LOL! I think it meant something but it needs more time and I'm about out of that.
02 January 2017 @ 02:24 pm
I got up and ate a ton of cookies. I have a real hole in the side of my ship when it comes to free food, especially if it is sweet. I really want to stop up that hole. I am sure it is part emotional things that I have not gotten closure on, and part GREED.

On Saturday night I went to a party at church, food and then the service. During the worship(music) and service, there was a painter who has come before, Mark Thisken and he painted a picture that started out with a dark or black mottled canvas, then he put in the word HOLY in the bottom right corner, then


in the center to left side, then a configuration of lines that at first looked like it was going to be Jewish letters, but then sort of looked like a cross or crossroads.

Then he filled in parts with white and it looked like robes, you could see Jesus' face. I went to sit down at that point, my hip and knees hurting from injuries(not too bad, getting better). When I was still at the front worshipping and watching it develop, I heard this in my mind and saw it printed in my mind's eye: "Alive".

I did not see the final result till after it was finished, when the crowd parted. I saw this:Collapse )

Our church theme for this year was announced after the service: BE LOVED. So he turned it into Beloved, a different way to say it.

Last year I was kneeling and very sad about something, in the dark in our church, at the edge of the stage, all kinds of loud music playing. The pastor's wife from another church came up behind me quietly praying in Spanish, she does not speak English. After she left, I suddenly heard very clearly, "SEEK FOR HIM AMONG THE LIVING". Still the idea that I was pregnant, and cannot remember what happened. I remember leaving work an hour or so early one year, not even knowing why, asking myself why even as I was doing it. I had not told the boss I was leaving, was supposed to be responsible for staying there until closing time and locking up. I locked up early. I remember nothing unusual after that, but that is really strange.

I am left wondering. I think my mother had something to do with this, but she would never talk to me about it.

Anyway it was a wonderful service, a younger pastor from across the river giving the talk, and we went up and knelt and prayed as the Spirit inspired us. I was praying and praying "the Spirit and the Bride say COME" because that is what the Spirit inspired, and praying in my prayer language.  I got a wave of healing, my knees and hip started to feel better. I had been praying for a few weeks about it, because it had recently got worse in the last few weeks. So I am very happy about that, did not know what to expect.

I did not know  was so sentimental about babies, never had been in my life I thought. But one time about the time I was talking about I remember looking at the neighbor's little kids and their newborn, and feeling incredibly DEPRESSED. But that was it.

This painter also does paintings that are not religious, probably to earn a living, but I think he likes the ones that are of Jesus, does a lot of them. We have several at the church, no stained glass or other religious art at all, but 2 or 3 painting of Jesus by this guy. He is a performance painter. There are probably a number of painters who paint like this, some of them also religious. But this guy lives in our area.

I was ridiculous and spent half the day shopping, worrying about what to cook for the gathering & then cooking it, then was tired and late, slept and missed the whole supper part of it. I feel stupid and know I worry about this type of thing and don't have to, but I just can't help it. I sure wish I could.
26 December 2016 @ 05:03 pm
I had a very creepy dream where I was standing near the street in my neighborhood (though when I wake up it is more like up North in Michigan, where I used to live.) It is warm, but outside today it turned out to be warm. In the dream I am by the curb and some man and woman drive up. You can tell they don't have a lot of money and they're not good at taking care of themselves, are in distress. I think they are going to ask for money, they are looking like they need help badly. But this woman hands me a baby and I take it and look at it and there is a hole in the throat and chest, like the two sides of the flesh never closed up, similar to the condition of spina bifida where the skin over the spine never closes up, it sticks out of the back of the baby. It's terrible. I can see the lungs, and the throat is open. The baby is very small, I hold it in my palm as I wait for the ambulance to come. It is really worse than spina bifida. I wake up after the ambulance gets there.

In the dream the baby had no blood, though in pictures of spina bifida babies they never do. It might seem there should be, I thought maybe it was a dream about not forgiving when I woke up. In dreams when there is a bad cut but no blood, it usually means I have not forgiven someone for a very bad hurt. I realize now that the baby was very well developed for such a small baby. I guess there are abnormally small babies that live though.

What is weird is that the baby had no neck bones, though the neck and chest were wide open, and the lungs and ribs looked fully formed. I think there was no evidence of the spine which would be the rest of the neck. I think the spine is the "back", that is what I think of, the spine or back bone being the main part of the back. A person's back is not a back without the spinal column, to me.

I think this is about a time in my life when I thought I was pregnant. I think it means that the baby will never come "back". A different kind of back. I was very poor at the time it occurred, and was thinking I did not want it. I am very sorry about that now, for even thinking that.

When I woke up, I was thinking about it for a while, then after a while I think God was telling me that there was  man back in Michigan who He wanted me to marry, but I let my life go off the rails, so I never went to visit him when I could have. This was a very strong feeling and I know the family he is from, he would be a good man. He was hospitalized though, in a mental hospital for schizophrenia, his older brother gave him some LSD and it sent his mind over the deep end. I think he is still there.

Maybe it is not so creepy, but sad.
26 December 2016 @ 04:42 pm
I got some nice cheap notebooks, roughed up the covers with pen and sandpaper, which was fun. I just use this type of notebook for notes of lectures or whatever.

I also got one with quad rule, graph paper as I call it. Made some stripes for a journal cover.
Photos...Collapse )

Then I think the last one for the cover I will actually print out and make it the cover of my December journal.
22 December 2016 @ 06:59 pm

Just barely any color in that one, but I like it.
10 December 2016 @ 05:48 pm

I wondered why John the Baptist denied being Elijah. This is interesting, but the library's about to close.

[12-26.16 Edit: It looks like he was afraid of the Sanhedrin. Jesus did say this to His disciples, that he is Elijah come again.]
09 December 2016 @ 01:16 pm
I have a cold, so crazy, I came to the library on a day when it's cold enough to snow,
29°F high, 20°F low. The wind blew through the cloth parts of my sneakers. My feet were freezing last night, I am not sure I still have my old woolly socks, that are too big for me so I can put them on over my other socks. I have a "hot water bottle", in the form of a 2-liter pop bottle, which works great when you fill it with hot hot tap water. But for some reason I can't get the cap off and I'm too lazy to see if some hot water will expand it and loosen it. So I'm stuck with just getting more blankets.

But it is cold for where I am.

Ah, well.

I haven't been to the library for a while because of the illness, which will probably take another week to go away, but I'm just stir crazy. I wish I could get myself to do some more exercise in the house, I do some. Maybe it just needs to not be the exact same every time. I just can't stick to a schedule. Better than I used to be though.